BW Jaguar

There is another boat out here. Only 7 NM away from me. BW Jaguar. I can’t see him but he is on my radar traveling at 13.6 Knots and heading southeast. It’s the first ship I have seen since Thursday morning.

I want to radio him, but I don’t know what I would say.

“Hey what’s for dinner?” Or “So Jaguar, What are you doing 333 NM from shore?” Or “Rough ride last night, huh?”

Last night was rough. It was rough and wild and wet. It felt more violent than the night before. Juniper was getting tossed about by 8 ft waves and the wind was in the mid-20s. White caps were hitting all along the starboard side. Waves were crashing onto her. Some would lift her stern and throw her off course, but she bounced right back ready to charge through the next one just like a true samurai queen. She averaged 6 knots throughout it all.

Down below it sounded like a haunted funhouse. Things all around me were banging, squeaking, thumping, colliding, pounding, catapulting, clanking, splashing, breaking.

Boom, boom, ba-ba bang.


Juniper was haunted when I first bought her. It’s ok if you don’t believe in ghosts. I became a believer at the age of 20 while working for the National Trust in England. One of my tasks was to interview people who had encountered ghosts on their properties for the October issue of the magazine. The interviews were all spooky, but my favorite was this plumber who was working around an archeological excavation site in the basement of an old house. He was just down there doing his thing, when out of nowhere he heard the sound of a trumpet that was so loud it made him drop his tools and back into a corner. Next he saw the ghost of a horse gallop through the basement followed by the entire Roman army. He described them in vivid detail from the rope sandals they wore on their feet to the red feathers on their helmets.

I could hear the terror through the tremble of his voice as he retold this story to me. He doesn’t believe in what he saw and to this day is under psychiatric treatment for it. One other person working on that property saw the same thing and ten years later that excavation site revealed that the house was built on top of a road that the Roman army marched up and down on everyday.

Somehow the plumbers disbelief and fear of what he saw coupled with the archeological findings made me a believer. Perhaps what he saw was a wrinkle in time, some part of yesterday folded into the realms of today.

Juniper didn’t have the whole Roman army in her, but she had something. Cabinets locked with elbow latches would fly open and shut on their own. Then there were lights flashing, tools flying, creatures of the night crawling, etc.

Several mechanics who have worked on the boat have pointed out unusual activity and one refuses to come back after what he saw. Anyway, it took a lot of prayers and a lot of sage to steal my boat back from the ghosts.

There’s a lot more I could tell you, but it’s late and I’m out here, way out here. Don’t wanna give myself the heebie jeebies before bedtime.


I didn’t sleep much last night, but I can feel my spirit getting stronger. Last night did not shake me like the nights before. I trust Juniper more and I trust myself more.

The past three nights we have ridden the Beaufort scale down from 7 to 6 to now a 5. They are named like this – moderate gale, strong breeze, fresh breeze. I am lovin’ this fresh breeze zone that I’m in right now. It feels like a swing-set on a Sunday and tastes like strawberries.

I love it so much that earlier today I took my marlin spike and a knife up to the bow and untangled all of the lines that became a victim to the tango of the wind.

Right now the sea looks like blue velvet at midnight and the waves have subsided to 4 ft. I prefer them like this, smaller than me and moving more like ballerinas than giants.

“Fire-walker, Fire-walker, do you copy,” says a woman over the VHF. It’s rare for me to hear voices on there anymore. Everyone but BW Jaguar is so far away now.

****I don’t have access to WordPress from out here. I send an email to an email and it uploads automatically.

Anywho would love feedback. Is this stuff interesting? Too much sailing jargon? Do you have questions you would like me to answer? Writing prompts? Anything send my way! Via my sea email – or you can also click on any way point on the tracker to talk to me. XO

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  1. Your spirits are rising that is great to read, yes love reading everything you are writing, you must know many of your friends are anxiously waiting each day for your blogs to come, to know you are safe, many thumbs up and prayers are floating your way, we hope you rest well tonight?

  2. Love your stream of consciousness writing. Keep it up. I haven’t found the tracker that you have mentioned, so I rely on these sweet missives.

  3. You are amazing! You climbed all the way up there out in the middle of nowhere??? You are more than brave! Wishing you calm seas and quick passage.
    You are going to make the trip just fine from now on I just know it?

  4. Love what you’re sharing … it’s not too much. Please, how about a little video?

  5. I’m loving it like it is, I just want to know that you’ve eaten something! Being moved like a ballerina sounds pretty good to me.

  6. How to Track Olivia’s journey. Go to the menu and on the drop down it has Juniper’s journey. Click and scroll down the page where track my journey is underlined. Click and sign up if you are interested.

  7. Olivia I love reading and following you on your journey! I’m not a sailor so enjoy learning about the Beaufort scale and so happy you finally made it to the “fresh breeze”! Keep on being amazing and taking us landlubbers on your adventure.

  8. Just to give you some context, I lived up the street from your grandmother when I was in high school and college, practiced law at the Friday Firm with Wyck for a couple of years after law school and know your aunt, Tish, and your mom and worked with both of them in JLLR. Little Rock is a small town. I am so interested in your blog! Even though I don’t know you, I am following your journey raptly. You have such courage! And your writing makes me feel like I am riding the waves with you. What fascinating adventures you have had and they continue. My dad was in the Pacific during WWII. Mom and dad were married in Honolulu and Dad was stationed at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941. I’ll ask them to get you to your destination safely from their vantage point in heaven. Please keep us posted on your trip. And I loved the vignette about the plumber! Be safe!

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  9. Hey Olivia,
    You are fascinating as is your blog. I love reading it each day. Thank you for the time you put into it. I worked with your wonderful Mom for years and miss her so very much. It’s not the same here without her. She spoke of you often and I know, without a doubt, that she is beyond proud of you. I also know she will be beaming when you reach land again.
    I do have one question, When you do reach land, how are you and Juniper getting back to the states??????
    Keep sailing my friend. Waiting to hear.

  10. Your shares are fascinating. Keep up the stream of consciousness – very interesting. I would be interested in occasional pollution observations. Are you seeing much plastic, lost nets, etc. Bon voyage!

  11. wow wow wow wow. You are something ! Very brave young lady out there in the middle of the sea taking on 8 foot waves at night no less. I am loving your blog and look forward to updates on your journey. Now, go eat something and stay strong for whatever goes your way. Safe sailing! Onward to your destination.
    Boots Barnett Warrick

  12. How do you spend your time? Are you filming, photographing, recording? Did you bring music? If so, what kind? Books? Writing poetry? Meditating? I think I’d spend a lot of time just looking and thinking. Do you have plenty of sunscreen? ?

  13. Hi love! No idea if you are gonna receive that. We read you every say, we check yiu everyday. We know you are strong ans you will make it! The posts are amazing, I love them. Keep doing them! Abrazos, Nerea

    On Sun, Aug 4, 2019, 11:52 PM Wilderness of Waves wrote:

    > wildernessofwaves posted: “There is another boat out here. Only 7 NM away > from me. BW Jaguar. I can’t see him but he is on my radar traveling at 13.6 > Knots and heading southeast. It’s the first ship I have seen since Thursday > morning. I want to radio him, but I don’t know what I wo” >

  14. So much love from the Madden family! You and Juniper are in our daily prayer. Safe adventures! Mya wants to know if you are looking for mermaids along the way. ??

  15. Your posts are enthralling! Keep it up. Sending you a focused steam of positive vibes to cancel out the nerves. I tried to comment before, but a bad connection threw me off so excuse a double post of similar content if it happens. Be not afraid. In awe of your pursuit. ??????

  16. IDEA PROMPT: the contrast of being able to communicate to an audience and the sheer solitude of the sailor of yore> how is utter aloneness no radio no technology (meeting mermaids and octopus) different than a busy day blogging, contacting weather and sailing?

  17. We are loving your blogs and following your track. If you have nothing better to do, dial up VHF: 123.45 HF: 6673 or 11282 and give a shout to my old airline buds flying to/from Hawaii. I told them to keep an eye out and ears on for Olivia and Juniper on the sea. Be Safe.

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