Sex in the Sea

Last night Juniper and I sailed into a river of silver that was painted by the light of the moon. The path lead from the bow of the boat to the horizon and we sailed towards it until it was no longer visible. Once the sea grew dark, I looked down at the wake and the water was filled with bioluminescence.

I read yesterday that bioluminescence, color displays, and the release of pheromones are all a part of sex in the sea kingdom. Some fish do ritualistic mating dances that last for hours. I imagine tail fins flicking, colors flashing, bubbles dancing, a little tease of the pelvic fin, and some hide and seek behind a coral reef.

On coral reefs there is a synchronized mass spawning where billions of eggs and sperm are simultaneously released creating a giant cloud of pink haze. Oh and the jawfish, well she lays her eggs into the males mouth where they sit and incubate until it’s time to hatch.

Chew on that!

Human voices no longer come through to me on the radio. They became fuzzy and distant before finally fading a day ago.

Sometimes I still hear the sounds of sea phantoms. Just yesterday I heard very distinctly, “Do you want me to help you?” I screamed back “Yes!” But nothing happened.

I was hoping some stunning half-man, half-sea-serpent was gonna rise up out of the sea smoke and grant me three wishes. I would wish for a Fresh Breeze, an end to climate change, and the removal of all the plastic in the ocean.

That would have kept serpent-man very busy.

Beyond the imaginary voices, I am only listening to a sound that’s been playing since the dawn of time. It is the symphony of wind and water. It can play things high, it can play things low, it can play things fast, it can play things slow. From lullabies to heavy metal, it’s nothing but heart baby, nothing but heart.

I haven’t seen any fish or marine mammals since San Diego, only birds and they sing to me too. A different species visits me each day. I noticed that each time one visits, it makes multiple circles around Juniper before diving down to scoop the fish that only it can see. I’m not sure why they always circle. Do they like the wind that Juniper creates? Are they lonely? Or do they just want me to notice them noticing me?

Today I fixed the bilge pump by sweet talking it. “Sugar Pie” is what the bilge pump likes to be called, not “Pookie” definitely not “Pookie. You say the P word and that thing turns right off.

I was able to shake the reef. I thought about that reef puzzle all night long. I remembered that the stack pack had been halfway ripped out of the boom my first night at sea and noticed that the hoist wasn’t going beyond the lazy jacks of the stack pack. I deduced that the halyard must be on the wrong side of the stack pack and I was right. In hindsight, I remember running it outside of the pack a few weeks ago so that I could go up the mast. Just plum forgot to put it back!

My puzzle for tomorrow is to figure out why on earth the fridge is no longer working. I hear the fan running, but not the compressor and everything in that fridge is getting very warm.

I won’t think about that until tomorrow. Now I am going to sleep well imagining all of the sea creatures getting kinky beneath the boat. I will leave you with one more fun fact. Oysters are down there laying up to 500 million eggs per year!

15 Replies to “Sex in the Sea”

  1. Hilarious, my image is starting a pull string outboard motor to get out of the marina area. “Oh come on baby, come on – – please please, I’ve got this window to sail and if I miss it and you won’t start (and the winds are all wrong,) I’ll have to go back to the real world again. So I guess my word is baby. Never ever, “sugar pie” On the other hand, when working with drone parts that are very tiny – I often call those little parts “honey bunch” … Oh please fit in there “honey bunch” if you don’t fit in there I’m going to have to disassemble the whole thing, and that will take all day.

    Love the halyard story … so it was in fact that the halyard wouldn’t go all the way up. Ahhh problem solved, time for a tea! Do you have short wave on board.? I’ll bet you could hear the world as radio waves bounce off of an unobstructed Ionosphere … Tokyo, Tokyo, this is sailboat Juniper, 1 soul on board, how do your read, over? Tokyo, Tokyo, say again, over.

  2. Keep it coming Olivia. I must go back and look at all of your past work as you are truly a beautiful writer and a brave soul ….. you will die with no regrets. And it will not be anytime soon.????

  3. This world needs more of you! What a refreshing
    Vision you have painted for your readers!
    Can’t get enough!

  4. You’re an incredible soul! Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your world. You’re out into the abyss; your transformation. You’re blossoming and the universe is holding your hand. All of life is delighted with your presence and you are about to step into your own. Love you! ?

  5. I love being your passenger. Your writing inspires. Off to Jacks Class today. We will sing your praises. Brynnx

  6. What a magical adventure! I’m in awe, and inspired by your spirit and your bravery! Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience. You’re not alone, we’re all riding along with you.

  7. I had not idea about the fish mating rituals. Putting the eggs in the male’s mouth sure would make our life easier. So enjoy reading your articulate passages.

  8. What an amazing adventure! I love reading your posts! I think we need to get you on the Ellen show…?? Stay safe and continue to have the time of your life!????

  9. Sounds like a fun imaginative day and evening, sorry about the fridge, now what? Fish?
    Hang in there, how far are you? Keep your spirits up
    Sending thoughts and prayers your way ????

  10. The fridge might be a bad start relay on the compressor if your fan is running smooth. But yeah, focus on the kinky bio bugs below you. Don’t worry about the fridge just yet 🙂

  11. Sounds like they feel Happy! ?

    Maybe it’s time for a little Pharrell Williams around your grumpy fridge. ???

    – Genevieve


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