Engine Blues

I wish that I had time to write to you today. My engine needs a little TLC and I have been working on her for most of the day. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to write with good news and more detail on life a sea. For now I will leave you with this image of the sunset. Xo

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  1. Sleepless night thinking about you alone at sea. The brief upbeat phone call from you yesterday and how great it was to hear the sound of your voice and your reassurance that you were ok and finally able to sleep a few hours. I did not want to look for a posting at 3:30 am, but I did and sorry to learn about Juniper’s engine. I pray the engine is easily repaired this morning.
    I love you,

  2. Living vicariously. I have another friend that lives on his boat and makes crossings – a catamaran, rather than a single hull.
    Hope your engine woes get fixed. You have my prayers and good vibes. Fair winds and following seas.
    Susan Betts

  3. Doin’ the Happy dance to drive away those Blues. ??

    And using a puff of smoke to bring all Juniper & your parts into alignment.


    – Genevieve


  4. You’re gonna figure it out. I have no doubts. Praying for insight into the problem and answers to exactly how to fix it ??????! Love you and believe in you ?!!

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