A Day Without Wind

Time flows in reverse. I watch waves collapse into themselves as they rush backwards.

The sun is the moon and the clouds are all sinking. I can see that the sky is filled with rain, but it must be falling upwards.

Nothing living is in sight. The air is too hot and heavy and stale for lungs or fins or feathers to hold.

Juniper moves like honey dripping down a rock. All her reefs have been shook but the sails refuse to do more than shake.

I think that even if Juniper and I were made of paper we would still not fly or float.

My head feels foggy and I just sit and stare at a world that’s not moving. Am I still alive? Has the ocean died? Who turned the day off?

I just pinched myself and the brain registered pain, so yes I am here, but the ocean is not.

Maybe yesterday it over-exerted itself, got too high on its own waves, and now it needs to rest?

I need to rest. I rest without rest. A restless rest. I have finally jibed back to a starboard tack, so I won’t wake up in the middle of the night after hitting the table or the floor or some other piece of something that is neither soft nor made for sleeping.

Sleeping reminds me of pistol shrimp. I miss those little critters. They are shrimp with a big pincher on one side and a little nubbin on the other. They pop that big pincher all night long and it makes a loud, but pleasant crackling sound inside the boats that berth in southern California. It’s sonically similar to the way coral sounds, but the pistol shrimp take it just a little deeper.

I just read a story about a sailor who fell asleep after accidentally eating a whole bunch of rotten cheese. When he woke up the ship was sailing through a gale and he was full on hallucinating from the cheese. Couldn’t touch the helm if he tried. Could only lay there and shout at the imaginary things happening around his ship.

After reading that, I threw out everything that was in my hot fridge, so fingers crossed, that won’t happen to me.

Although hallucinating on a day without wind might be entertaining. I’m not sure what my mind would bring to life. I usually witness the birth of some mythology- eastern, western, the brain has no preference, it sees them all and jumps easily between.

Do you ever think that we might have taken too much mystery and illusion out of life? That we analyzed and dissected and theorized everything to the point of disconnection? That, in by doing so, we made mythologies and religions evaporate and have left societies -including our own- in puddles of “truths” void of morals? That without morals, societies flounder and eventually drowned within those puddles?

I love love love science, but I also love religion and mythology. I think as humans beings we need rituals, beliefs, and tales of virtue. That without them, the world grows dark.

The wind just picked up. The sun is setting and I see eight birds, of the same species, plucking fish out of the water.

Where has Pluto gone? I look for him every day. He probably already found another gal with a bigger boat. PLUTO!

9 Replies to “A Day Without Wind”

  1. Olivia
    You have hit the nail on the head as the saying goes, your analysis of losing the mythologies, illusion and especially the love of religion which I would agree has caused many in our world to lose their morals in the direction of their lives and their treatment of others. Thank the lord not many of us live life with caring of human and animals that have feelings too. You must be getting close to Hawaii by now, can you share with us where you are. Have a safe day, Blessings

  2. I meant to say many of us do live our lives caring about our fellow humans and animals that have feelings too, made a typo

  3. I meant to say many thank the lord many of us DO live our lives caring for our fellow humans and animals as they have feelings too.

  4. The majority of people still seem to crave mythology, but maybe because of the inherent divisiveness of religion/politics and perceived cultural differences they avoid the less mainstream ideas and tend to stick to slick Hollywood blockbuster productions.

    The MCU is like modern mythology, imo. Doctor Strange is super trippy and brings in the mystery of ancient traditional medicine and practices – completely void of modern Western science and medicine. Captain America is the height of human integrity and moral strength to the point of being willing to die for a friend that’s gone astray . . . the embodiment of “The Greatest Generation”. Spiderman is moral too in his refusal to kill even the worst offenders and he and Iron-Man give hope to humanity that they too could become like the Gods. In Black Panther’s Wakanda there is an unknown Earthbound civilization hidden in Africa with far more advanced technology than current Colonial war/power obsessed societies. And then there are the Godlike characters like Thor and Captain Marvel.

    Ironically, just as the mainstream often avoids the fringe, the unconventional sometimes dismiss and avoid pop culture as “lamestream”.

  5. No no no, it is easy to reflect that we have lost our rituals and religion and mythology somehow that makes us less in touch with spirituality This couldn’t be farther away from the truth. The truth is that since we have some freedoms from oppressive religion and required belief systems this requires MORE self reflection. Why be nice to people when there is no all powerful God to punish you? Well you should be nice to people because that helps feed the good energy in the world. Goodness helps create goodness, that’s all. That is the meaning of life. Be good and goodness will follow.

  6. Pluto!! Think he is watching you! He is small, but so mighty in our universe… he might notice ones bigger than you, but probably has a gaze on you, little one!! Try to get your focus on what is in front of you… when you were 700 miles out from San Diego it was a victory. It is a much greater victory you are 700 or less from Hawaii!! Your endurance matters. Rest when you can. Hydrate constantly (lack of makes us hellacious). Eat nutritious food- hope you still have some! See the shore……feel the love and support!

  7. I think about you and juniper everyday, excited to read about your day. I wish we could of gotten to know each other better before you left, me being a retired electrician I’m sure I would of had some ideas for power. Reading your prep list amazing, I lack the imdrium go, satelite phone. But I have everything else. You’ve taught me how precious every moment is in feeling and living life while out at sea, I too have same thoughts and wonder if I’m alive out there too. I was alone for 32 days once but I was anchored every few days around san miguel and santa cruz islands. I have so many questions? I know this journey will be completed soon. I want to let you know I hope to read and hear from you in future. You are a amazing woman. May Fair winds Following seas guide you safely. S/V ADELL Yscruzin

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