I Want Off Of This Boat

Today I have been in squall after squall of the most severe kind that I have seen. I can no longer fight The Grey Cloud Carriers. They are winning and have stolen all but the breath from my body.

I am 70 nm away from shore and I won’t make it before dark. I got headed and will need to jibe soon. I am waiting for the seas to calm before doing so. Or at least for a drop of sun to grace the sky.

I feel like I felt the first day or two at sea and I want nothing more than to get off of this boat.

This is the longest that I have ever been at sea and most certainly the longest amount of time I have ever spent alone.

It is time for me to exit this journey.

I wish to write more but my heart is fluttering away and I must try to catch it before it jumps in the sea and sinks away from me forever.

Everyone please pray that my last night at sea is gentle to me, that I have enough energy to stay awake and make circles until daylight, and that I have a good entry into harbor in the morning.

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  1. You are almost there and your Mama is waiting. Lid is with you!!! Focus on that. Sending you love and energy.
    Emily Parke Stevens

  2. Hang on, sunny and Hot in Honolulu! I know you are so close you can taste it! Just keep going and the clouds will break before long. I can feel how tired you are after this long journey! A few more hours and you will have completed the journey. Xoxo,

  3. Hang on, sunny and Hot in Honolulu! I know you are so close you can taste it! Just keep going and the clouds will break before long. I can feel how tired you are after this long journey! A few more hours and you will have completed the journey. Xoxo,

  4. Wow .. please use this experience to teach what early Polynesians had to have felt before they landed on the islands of Polynesia.

  5. Hang in there! Prayers for a gentle , steady breeze and calm water!
    What an amazing adventure, congratulations!

  6. You’ve made it this far n I will pray for you to hv a safe journey to your destination that is my home Hawaii . I’m Raymond Eric ‘s friend . I like how you write these stories you’ve Been true on this long journey . I’ve been reading everything you write n I enjoy it . You are a brave woman n I love the ocean . Wish I had the balls to sail by myself like you did or maybe if I met you before you left I wuldhv maybe gone on this journey with you . That would hv been amazing to sail back hm . Anyways hv a safe trip in n I will pray for you . God Bless You!!!

  7. Hang on sister! You’re almost there! Love and everything your way!! Can’t wait to see a picture of you with your momma!

  8. You will do exactly what you need to do to arrive safely. Look at all you have accomplished. You a strong, willful young lady and you will arrive safely. Godspeed. ?

  9. Juniper has carried you this far, and she will carry you through! Mya has been so excited (and inspired) to hear of your journey, and we are all so proud of you! Hang in there Olivia! ????

  10. Sending you positive vibes, prayers for a gentle night and a safe arrival! Thank you for taking us on your journey! You are a true inspiration! Godspeed

  11. Dear Olivia,
    May you reach into your higher power once more within your inner core of cores to give you the strength and stamina to reach your Mama anxiously waiting for you at shore!!! You have been a total inspiration to all of us who have followed you behind the comfort of our computers on the mainland! Whew! You are a champion in my book. You go girl! You can do it!

  12. Olivia! You are an inspiration! What can be said? Mother nature has a flare for drama! I watched Sam Holmes’ solo crossing from LA to Hawaii on a 23 footer. He said the last 17 miles were the worst. And he had a working ENGINE!!! Being so close, you have a lot of emotions like anyone would – big breaths . . . we all know you’ll pull from deep within one last time and it might even be the most transformative part of the trip for you. My family just said a prayer for you (3 year old and all).

  13. You have it Olivia! ? A prayer, strength and happy thoughts of your mom and your extreme wonderful work sailing solo on this magnificent adventure. Almost there! ???? You can do it!

  14. Olivia, you are so close and your momma is waiting with great big open arms – you got this last yard!!!

  15. Congratulations on a success journey. Everyone is so proud of you and envious of your courage and daring.

  16. Dearest Olivia!
    You keep your spirits high Don’t you dare rob sucess from the jaws of anything breathe stay strong and eat ready.for.your re-entry blessings dear one for a spectacular insightful journey no fading now strength of the marathon!!!! Breathe breathe

  17. Olivia
    We pray for you tonight certainly and you need to be proud of what you have accomplished. When you arrive to shore your heart ?? will relax and you will jump with joy and hug and kiss your Mom, Blessings

  18. Praying for calm…and strength…and patience, and a little breeze. You’ve got this! Bravo sweetie!

  19. Amazon Girl ?
    There is a German expression:
    „…only one cat Jump left!“
    xxx Sam

  20. It’s just about 6:30 am Hawaii time…..it is after first light. I am hoping you have made landfall, or are lined up in good shape, that the powers of the universe have come together for you during the night and today is a happy,
    successful culmination of this great experience. Thank you for sharing along the journey your thoughts, insights, and observations. The writing is colorful, descriptive and evocative…..food for thought.
    Hoping now you are berthed safely, or safely in the process.
    With admiration, H-61 Kona

  21. What an unbelievable human being you must be!! I hope you are there now and have kissed the ground and your mother!! Prayers for rest now… Theresa
    (Mel was student of mine at PA and traveled with us). ?

  22. You’re even closer now, been reading your mom’s FB posts. Soon soon soon, you beautiful, strong, brave (exhausted) woman.

  23. Olivia
    Thinking if you this morning
    Have you arrived?, are you very close, so many are anxious for your journey to
    Come to a safe docking and you will, looking forward to hearing from you after your arrival, Blessings

  24. You are an amazing person doing awesome things – Sending lots of love and positive energy your way

  25. Hope you are close or have arrived to your safe place. Hope you are smiling, with maybe a few tears with your amazing mom. You are such an inspiration to so many people. Have a few good meals, a few glasses of wine, a few massages, many nights of good sleep, a time of “truly Olivia” then please include us on your next adventure. You are amazing… but I am telling you nothing you don’t already know. So loved your journey.

  26. After a solo trip of 23 days, 8 hours and 28 minutes , I delighted to report that Olivia has reached her destination, Juniper is taking a well-deserved rest in a slip at the Hawaii Yacht Club and Olivia is with her Mom. This is a text from Livvy: Her boat is parked temporarily at the yacht club and she already has a man Jeff Jager to work on her engine and help clean the boat. He is a sailor as well and moved some boats back to San Diego from the 50th international pacific race. Olivia had two drinks, a veggie burger and fries and was zonked! She pulled some necessary things off the boat and is currently taking a long hot shower. With hot water!! She said after her shower she wants to just relax and maybe watch a movie and look out at our view.”

    I suspect she won’t see many minutes of a movie before she is sleeping soundly.
    Her mother m and I truly appreciate everyone’s interest, love, support, and prayers for Olivia on this journey. While she was solo on the boat, it definitely was a group effort.

    1. We are so happy to hear of her safe arrival after leaving
      Kona Marina. We were boat neighbors and enjoyed our time we had to get to know her, such a brave young woman, we really felt part of her journey and sent prayers of encouragement everyday. I am sure she is so happy to spend well deserved time with Mom and Dad, Blessings

  27. You are truly an amazing young woman. Three cheers for your determination! Rest up, eat and drink, and hug your Mom. All of us are so proud of you
    Debby Whitney

  28. Congratulations to the whole Wyatt family! What a journey for each and everyone of you. Olivia is an AMAZING woman who has an AMAZING family to support her. I am cheering all of you tonight. ?
    Olivia, you must be so proud. You did it??????

  29. Just came across this blog yesterday so it’s a little late, and even though I already know you overcame this I wanted to share Robert Pirsig’s essay, “Cruising Blues and Their Cure.” Perhaps you’ve read it before, but if not, you may find it helpful next time the cruising blues start invading your thoughts. (At the very least you can probably relate.) http://web.archive.org/web/20030817025701/http://www.moq.org/forum/Pirsig/cruisingblues.html

    Thanks for taking us along and stay safe.

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