In this interview I talk about reconnecting with nature & myself through sailing. When asked what is the one non-sailing related item that I would not sail without, I answer “my pendulum.”

From Sand to Satellites: 14 to 22°S & 135 to 148°W

“I recently became hot with fever for this creature, the giant clam. These psychedelic mollusks are not monsters at all. Their shells help build and shape coral reefs, and their presence alone signifies a healthy reef. In the heart of French Polynesia exists a world full of them, the Tuamotus Archipelago.

I am sailing towards these coral islands aboard my 34 ft. sailboat, Juniper, along with Brianna Bambic of the Allen Coral Atlas team. Our mission is to collect data of these mollusk-filled reefs and meet the people born to them. “

I was featured on three pages of the Latitude 38 March, 2022 Issue!

NATURE SPACE VOL. 1 – Sights and Sounds from Environments that Inspire

In this curated collection of natural sounds created by various artists and musicians, you can listen to a Humpback Whale song that I recorded off the coast of Maui.

Mark “Frosty” McNeill of Dublab is the curator of this collection. He asked how nature feeds my creativity and I said “Without nature I am nothing, or rather a lost something. I believe that my creativity comes from Creator and I am merely a conduit to bring it into existence. In order to stay connected to Creator, I find that it is important for me to stay wild. And the only way to stay wild in this world is to go deep into the wilderness where all the other wild things are.”

Olivia O Wyatt is an entire realm unto herself.  She is both lioness and lamb, Blackbeard and Mother Teresa, artist and voyeur.   Make no mistake, too, she is both the magician and the possessed, master of the inner planes and dabbler in the occult, poetess extraordinaire in four dimensions.  Possessing an almost surreal talent for seeing the essence ? the common denominators ? in human behavioral patterns, she is obsessed with documenting the last of the old-world ethnography belonging to the indigenous people around the world whose message we now, to our demise, think is irrelevant.

Who is Captain Olivia O Wyatt

Captain Olivia O Wyatt is an award-winning filmmaker, TV producer, writer and USCG certified captain (50-Ton Master).

Olivia makes ethnographic films that focus on preserving the traditions of communities that are on the brink of extinction as well as creating abstract works of a psychedelic nature. 

Captain Olivia O. Wyatt takes to the seas solo with her 34-ft Ta Shing Panda, Juniper. Her most recent expedition was a transpacific crossing from San Diego to Hawaii, a journey of approximately 2,269 nautical miles. That trip was just the first leg of a solo voyage around the world, guided by humpback whale migration patterns.

The Arkansas-native has travelled to more than 25 countries, creating ethnographic films along the way which focus on preserving the traditions of indigenous communities. A recent film was used as the official music video for Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s song “This is Far From Over.”

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

She left Aug. 1 on Juniper, her 34-foot-long sailboat and home. What came next were days and nights filled with joy, fear and seemingly impossible challenges. There were storms, a finicky boat motor, friendly dolphins, flying fish, huge waves, hunger, periods of doubt and transcendence.

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