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Sweet Allene makes beautiful vintage-inspired handmade clothes with a splash of tropical. Everything is made out of vintage deadstock fabric and created aboard a 30 ft. sailboat using a sewing machine that runs entirely on solar power!

The dress on the right is the La Sirène” wrap dress. It is perfect for looking gorgeous right after a dip in the ocean, or when it’s so hot outside that the thought of wearing clothes seems impossible but you still want to look like the mermaid queen that you are. It’s effortless to wear, the wrap style enables it to fit your form the way you want, and it can be dressed up or down.

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Every day at sea is not smooth sailing. On my recent sail from French Polynesia to Fiji, I got blindsided by a series of gales in the middle of the night. In one blink of a cloud, the ocean turned from a serene dream that glowed with stars & crystal-colored blues, to a frothing giant made of midnight & fangs & boat-eating waves (or at least it felt like that). When the gales came I had enough sail up to launch Juniper into outer space. I was way overpowered, but I couldn’t do much about it. I have to go up to the mast to reef the main and with the sails out of balance I was forced to hand steer, which meant I couldn’t leave the cockpit to reduce sail. I just had to ride it out. As a single-handed offshore sailor, I like to know what kind of mood the ocean is about to be in, so I can be ready with enough reefs in my main. I am so grateful that PredictWind is now sponsoring my journey so I can track weather offshore and always know what kind of wind and waves are heading my way. If you are into offshore sailing, you can use PredictWind to download GRIB weather files & track your journey! If you don’t have PredictWind yet, you canDownload it here: https://www.predictwind.com/?ref=oliviawyatt

PredictWind is a totally unique weather forecasting product. Developed by professionals to bring the highest quality tools and forecasts to sailors all around the world. Now local sailors around the world can have the same information as winning Americas Cup teams.


 “A pearl is magical. It’s a shiny orb that comes out of a slippery mollusk,” says Josh Humbert of the Kamoka Pearl Farm. Kamoka produces pearls from oysters grown in the nutrient-rich lagoon of Ahe Atoll, 300 miles northeast of Tahiti. They adhere to the strictest levels of sustainable farming in the pearl world and have pioneered eco-farming techniques that have helped the environment by replenishing coral reefs and fish populations, as well as improving the quality of the pearls. The farm runs on solar and wind power, it’s fresh water comes from the rain, it’s oysters are cleaned by tropical fish, it’s farming area is a safe haven for fish to reproduce, and the mussel shell nuclei of the oysters is created from mother of pearl.

Juniper and I moored at Kamoka for several months and I have never seen water so alive- the reefs are in full bloom, the fish are abundant, and the pearls shimmer with a rainbow of iridescence. Kamoka is more than a farm, it’s a family and you can become a part of it by rocking one of their pearls!

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Renogy is a renewable energy company that prides itself on supplying the best solar products on the market today. Renogy supplies solar products for homes, businesses, recreational vehicles, boating, and virtually any application you can think of. We’ve even come up with several solutions to improve your everyday life at home, work, and on the go! Each Renogy product is manufactured according to the highest quality standards – all while keeping our community and value at the forefront.

Sadly, my Renogy solar panels got stolen off of my boat in Hawaii. Renogy has kindly offered to sponsor my journey so that I get get new ones.

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Ranifly Oceanscapes swimwear is made from 100 % recycled ocean plastics! Sadly, between 4.8 and 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean each year and 100,000 marine mammals die annually because of it? I am grateful to have met a cosmic mermaid who is helping to save the ocean with her swimwear & blessed to have her as a sponsor for Wilderness of Waves. The suit she made for me has jellyfish on the bottom & Rainbow Belizean Cephelopods on the top. This psychedelic suit is the softest suit I’ve ever worn, plus it feels amazing to wear something that is helping rescue marine life from our destructive human consumption.

Besides swimwear, Ranifly makes yoga clothes, dresses, and more. Every piece is handmade, sustainable, and ethical. If you are gonna buy something, buy something good for our planet. 

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If you live in San Diego you can get a wellness massage and support this voyage at the same time! Say “I support Juniper” when you book a massage at bodywellnessbysarah.com. First time customers will receive 10% off their treatment and $10 will be donated to Juniper.

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