Juniper’s Journey

In August on 2019 I sailed across the Pacific Ocean alone. I left from San Diego and landed on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. The distance was around 2,269 NM as the crow flies. The voyage took me 23 days and is one of the longest passages in the world, with a vast expanse of ocean separating one piece of land from the next. I have now made it all the way to Fiji! Receive the tracker link by donating any amount you feel is fair.

In August 2019, I single-handed from San Diego to Hawaii. In July 2020, I continued my journey on to the South Pacific. I am currently in Fiji. Each destination I will visit has been chosen based on humpback whale migrations patterns. According to native communities in these regions, humpback whales sang the world into existence. Whales are creators, they are gods, they are the rainbow serpent. As I traverse the sea, I will continue my ethnographic exploration of humpback whale songs from the perspective of the indigenous communities who revere them as deities.

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