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This is what I wrote just before I set sail solo across the Pacific Ocean paired with images of me soaking in saltwater. I have documented my entire sailing adventure through words on & am now bringing those words to life on my podcast
Watch a feature film I made about a nomadic seafaring tribe in Thailand & Myanmar.
Creating this, is the reason I started sailing
I wrote, directed, and edited I wrote, directed, and edited this video for National Geographic about how vital coral reef is and the tools being created by the Allen Coral Atlas to map and monitor reefs around the world! I captured some of the video while sailing around the Tuamotus in French Polynesia. xoxo
Take a tour of my haunted sailboat.
Learn how to tie a bowline in less than a minute. xoxo
I made a series of underwater meditation videos for ALO MOVES. Watch them here
I made a remote country cover band with my friend Danny, he is in the Redwoods and I am on my sailboat in Oahu. This is our rendition of In Spite Of Ourselves by John Prine & Iris Dement.
I made a music video for Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s new salt covered song “This is Far From Over” and it features me + Juniper + mother ocean + our dear friend -the wind. x
Sam and I met in Ala Wai Harbor, together we sailed Juniper to Kauai. In this video we talk about our solo trans pacific crossings and reveal what happens when to solo sailors sail together. Check out Sailing in a Sea of Quicksand, Forest Flowers, The Anchor and the Sinking Dinghy, and Sailing to Kaua’i with a Stranger to read what I wrote about our journey.
Reel of visual things that I have created. Check out for more optical illusions. <3
Anthony, over at Double Down Sailing, made this cool video of the two us having a virtual bowline tying contest! Can you tie a bolwine in less than 4 seconds?
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